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Affordable geeky gift ideas (2018)

I personally think I am the Queen of gift giving, I always hit the nail on the head. Not to toot my own horn or anything but toot toot.

So, you know something is coming up and you need to get a present for someone who is a little geeky. Well, I got your back. Here are five great ideas for under £20.

1. Gameboy watch


This looks cool and stylish, anyone with good taste and a nerdy side would love to get this!

You can get this from Firebox for only £19.99

2. Star Wars Galactic Empire Dominos Set

This is a bit of a novelty but boy is it cute and fun. You can find this for only £7.99 at ASOS

3. Baby Groot flower pot

Honestly this is just adorable, it will look great on a desk and in a windowsill. It’s a win-win.

You can find this particular one for £19.29 from Amazon but there are others in different styles and for cheaper prices so have a look around.

4. Pop! Vinyl FIgure: Invisible Frodo Baggins

I had to include something from LOTR, this will honestly look great if someone is really into lighter decor as it is very minimalistic.

I found this on the Forbidden Planet website for £14.99.

5. Star Wars Decanter 

This just looks cool AF, and even if they (or you) don’t drink, you can use this for many things like homemade juices or just water etc… This is just £16.45 and it is sold on Amazon

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