Make-up Monday

Fake eyelashes | Are they worth the effort?

The last few weeks I’ve been trying different kinds of fake eyelashes as well as learning how to apply them correctly.

Here is what I tried: Mac, Ardell, Eyelure and Arimika all applied with Ardell Duo strip lash glue and a lot of patience and time.

After watching an incredible amount of YouTube tutorials, I felt it was time, time to put into practice what I had learned. I applied them from an upwards angle and waited until the glue got slightly blue and tacky then gave it a go. Now, I have extremely dry eyes so my eyes water like a mofo. But after some finessing I had them on.

And honestly, I love them. I did need to cut them but they were on and I felt glorious. I have thick but short eyelashes and to have long fluttery eyelashes, I felt like I was going to fly away.

As for the dry eye: for the initial placement try to make sure your eyes are as dry as possible. And it takes a while for it to dry completely but once it is stuck down. IT. IS. NOT. MOVING.

But ultimately are they worth the effort? No, and yes. Do they make me feel beautiful, yes! But they require time, money and lots, and lots of patience.

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