Fashionable Friday

From a size 24 to a size 18, finding clothes after weight-loss

So over the past year and a half I have been working towards getting healthier and getting my figure to a shape that I am more happy with.

When I first started working out and eating healthier it was never with the intent to drop dress sizes or to lose weight, that was just a side effect (for lack of a better term) of me increasing my activity levels. And yet, despite dropping 3 to 4 dress sizes I still find it incredibly hard to find clothes.

Weird, I know, I should be able to easily find nice clothes in a size 18-20 and yes, it is, and it also isn’t. I can certainly shop from more places but my options are still incredibly limited.

A size 18, for some retailers, is seen as too small for the plus/curve collections but also to big for the regular/straight collections. And because of that I have been staggering to find statement pieces or anything to suit my style.

And, yes, I know size 24’s and up are incredibly under catered for but it has really highlighted to me that retailers just have no idea how to be inclusive for anyone above a size 14. Though I don’t see much of a difference in the way I look; I can certainly appreciate how little work brands and labels have put into their plus-size collections.

However, though it will take a while, I think they are listening. We as a community just need to make more noise and celebrate all body types, starting off with your own.

Love yourself… And get yourself on Instagram and start sharing your stories 😉

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