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Dose of Color review

Lipstick, in my opinion, elevates any look and outfit and can make your make-up and face just pop. But my love for liquid lipstick is almost to the same level as my love for coffee or gin.

So in my best affordable red lipstick post I talk about Dose of Color as a really good brand and lipstick. I stand by my original comments on the lipstick but I want to write another post on this lipstick and formula now I’ve been using the lipstick for some time.

So I’ve been using this lipstick on and off for about 5 months and it is highly pigmented and extremely matte, which I love. However I’v noticed some issues with the formula. After a little while it gets ‘clumpy’ in the tube making it harder to get a sharp line when doing the outer perimeters of your lips. It also bleeds quite a bit after just a few hours but it’s hard to clean up. If, like me, you work a 9-to-5 it can be increasingly frustrating as it gets on my hands and white desk really easily. I would also like to note it does not layer very well either, after lunch my inner lip needs some touching up it quickly gets chunky and cracks a bit.

Though my initial thoughts were quite positive, they are followed by what seem like a lot of negative comments. I think the formula needs some work and I personally would not repurchase in the red or brown tones but I think this is still a really good lipstick for the price. So if you’re thinking of buying some Dose of Colors matte liquid lipstick then go for it but just forewarning you.

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