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A week straight of using the Aztec clay mask

In my ‘How I improved my acne‘ blog I had improved my acne a lot but I was still getting small breakouts and the texture of my skin was really bothering me. As you can see in the picture below, my skin is very textured. So I was watching a lot of videos on mild acne and how people improve it and there was an overwhelming amount of videos about the Aztec clay mask and apple cider vinegar. After a video by Buzzfeed I thought “I’m sold, lets give it a go.”


Here is why I thought it is worth a try: the Aztec clay powder and apple cider vinegar were both very affordable and as much as I love fullers earth powder it was not really doing much for my skin texture. The below picture is my skin before I started this 8 day skin journey.


During the process I wanted to know why it ‘works’ for acne and if it is worth introducing into my skin care routine once a week. Here is what I found out: the Aztec clay mask 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, free of any additives, fragrances, or animal products. Bentonite draws out dirt and impurities using of ionic pull, and it is so finely ground it really gets into your pores. As you are using it you will feel you face tingle or pulsate because it stimulates the blood flow towards the cheeks, T-zone and U-zone. So don’t be alarmed when your face is crazy red after.

I also mixed apple cider vinegar with the powder, however if you have sensitive skin I recommend water or rose water. I would say a 1-to-1 ratio works best but sometimes I need more of one than the other. The reason I use apple cider vinegar is because of my oily skin, I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but also because of a slightly grosser and interesting reason, which I am positive many people don’t know. Apple cider vinegar is a neurotoxin and corrosive by nature. Because of that it makes the body deploy its alkaline buffering system, making your skin heal at a faster rate. So far not that gross right? Well hold on to you wigs. Have you heard of Turbatrix aceti? Also know as vinegar eels? Nope? Well they live in highly acidic environments, more specifically: mother of vinegar. They feed on microbial culture and consume dead flesh and live cells, so please stop drinking it. Knowing this, my best guess is when you mix the vinegar and power to make the mask they react on a chemical level, you can even see and hear it happening. It stabilizes the pH level and the powder and vinegar work in tandem to deep clean, sterilise and remove dead skin all whilst stimulating blood flow and forcing the skin to heal, kind of like dermal aberrations.

Now with that all being said on the 4th and 5th day I started seeing improvements but my face was screaming at me. My pores were really open and my face was stinging. So I quickly came to the conclusion I need to rehydrate my skin and my current moisturiser, Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, was not working. I didn’t want to spend a lot so after some research I found out that Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Nourishing Moisturiser is a great cream for rehydration. And it was. Once that was bought I started deep moisturising and my skin started glowing. To my surprise it was working, my skin was getting even softer and less textured. After 8 days my skin had evened out in texture and tone, my acne scars were even fading, which is a happy surprise.


So ultimately does it work? I would have to say yes. I’m not sure this will work well for sensitive and dryer skin types, however y0u can always put honey in the mixture and it won’t dry down. And I think if you have a more serious form of acne this my help to a small degree but I am not 100%. The powder and apple cider vinegar only came to £14.40 so it’s worth finding out.

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