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Fenty Beauty review

So I’m a little late to the game but I finally bought some and tried Fenty Beauty products. I tried the foundation, liquid lipstick and lipgloss, which I believe was part of the collection when it first launched.

Off the bat I really like the packaging as it feels very weighty and good quality making me think that the product will be of the same kind of quality. So, let me start of with the foundation.

The colour I was matched to was 190 or I could use 200. The formula is thin and liquidy, it also doesn’t really oxygenate much but it is pretty true to colour. There are 40 shades in the collection, which is just brilliant ranging for some of the most fairest skin tone to some of the deepest skin tones. It is a light to medium coverage foundation with liquid to powder finish meaning it works really well for oily skin types, of which I am. I personally love the foundation I think it makes my skin look glowy and not oily, it also handles my oils really well. I would highly recommend this foundation as it leaves the skin looking like skin and beautifully natural.

In the past months I have been on the hunt for the perfect red liquid lipstick and I found it. This formula is super light and very pigmented. It is a perfect blue toned red and would absolutely look good on every, and I mean EVERY, skin tone. The doe foot applicator is a bit weird but I don’t hate it, in fact it spreads the product really well and curves around my cupids bow perfectly. You also only need one layer for full coverage and the inner lip coverage is pretty darn good too.

Lastly we have the lipgloss. There is not much to say about the lipgloss, I like it a lot. It has a large doe foot applicator and the wand is quite small, giving you a lot of control. The gloss itself is not that sticky and really long lasting, it looks nice on the lips either by itself or on a lipstick. But to be honest you could probably buy a good drug store brand or a brand like NYX.

All in all, of the products I tried I really like the brand and will probably move to the Fenty foundation completely. So it is an astounding HELL YES from me

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