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Fenty Beauty | Uncuffed and Unveil review

If you have Instagram of just love Fenty Beauty then you would have seen the new liquid lipstick. They released 4 new shades to their permanent collection Uncuffed, Uninvited, Unveil and Unbutton. All absolutely stunning and all nudes aside from Uninvited with a beautiful black.

So when they were all being released I decided not to wait and just buy Uncuffed and Unveil. I love, love, love the formula and if the lip paint was even closer to Uncensored then these could easily be my favourite liquid lipstick brand, I’m sorry Jeffree Star Cosmetics, still love ya.

So Uncuffed is beautiful light mauve shade, the colour is not terribly unique: it reminds me a lot of Gemini by Jeffree Star, maybe a little less pink but quite similar. However this is now officially my favourite nude, it perfect for an ‘everyday’ look and is just a little darker than my natural lip colour. I will say I think this takes a little longer to dry then Uncensored but I expect slight variations is formula. It also doesn’t smudge as much a Uncensored does, not that Uncensored smudges much.


Unveil is the colour I bought and it is a beautiful brown nude with pink undertones. I personally don’t have a nude like this in my lipstick collection but I am so glad I bought this one. Although this is not a nude on me, it gives me very 90’s/autumn vibe. This is definitely a repurchase. The formula is a little thicker than the other two mentioned and there is a little more transfer than the other and it’s as pigmented as Uncensored but that might be because I have quite pink lips. I don’t this this subtracts from quality though.


All the lipstick are a #STUNNA and I will be getting the other two soon but I’m on a budget so maybe at the end other the month. I think it will be interesting to do a battle of matte black liquid lipsticks. But definitely look into these, and they will all have a permanent place in my lipstick collection. I am now really excited for the future of this brand, and just to let you know this is a cruelty-free brand and vegan brand.

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