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My Fringe Festival 2018 highlights

Every year for the past 3 years I travel to Edinburgh, Scotland and attend the Fringe Festival. Now unlike a traditional festival the Fringe goes over the course of the whole month of August and it celebrates the amazing talents within art, theater, comedy, music and other creative sectors and it is truly amazing.

I absolutely love going, I have never been in as many dive bar basements since I tuned 18 nearly 10 years ago. I love comedy so I personally tend to stick to that but if you’re thinking about going and you are more into music or magic shows fan then you can download their app and have a look what is going on and just go to those.

I’ve always pre-planned every day from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed but this time I chose to just wing it. The Fringe is split into paid and free* Fringe. I normally stick to paid Fringe because I hate holding cash on me but this time I did only free Fringe so I can support more indie comedians. *FYI it is not free, you will be asked and expected to give a donation. Which is fine, £5 to £10 is fine.

The free Fringe venues are genially quite small and sometimes annoying to find but they are some of the best shows I’ve seen. (not including Axis of Awesome in 2016)

Some of the best shows I saw this year were:

I can’t even express just how much I enjoy the Fringe. I hope that everyone gets the chance to attend and even if you can’t during August, Edinburgh is a beautiful city and is worth seeing and it is the only place in the UK that has Pandas. Also they really love Harry Potter so it’s a really cool place to go if you love Harry Potter too.

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