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I lost over 10 stone, here is how I did it

When it comes to weight-loss and the plus-size community there is a lot of stigma. Some members of the plus-size community believe if you are body confident or body positive why would you try to lose weight. And to them I say… Shut up. Just no. I am still learning to love myself but that doesn’t mean I am blind to MY own health issues and fitness levels.

I often get asked by people, How did I do it? What is my trick? And honestly: there is no trick, there is no magical wand and there is no pill/medication, just hard work, routine, and determination. That’s it.

I personally took more of a phased approach, I know I am not the kind of person who can do everything overnight. To make lasting changes I needed to take my time and learn how to be healthy. So I started with my diet: this was going to be the hardest as I didn’t know how to cook, let alone how to cook healthy.

I choose to go pescatarian and cooking most of my meals from scratch all whilst reducing the amount of sweets I ate and soft drinks I drank. I did this for 3 months before I started working out.

I then introduced exercise, this came in the form of walking to a shop for my food and walking with friends and their dogs ect. After a month I started pushing myself more by doing light workouts at home. I would push myself every 2 weeks to do more little-by-little, and I was dropping weight like nobodies business.

Then when I was feeling more comfortable I joined a gym. I stared doing more cardio and weights as well as doing as much walking as I could do. I started cooking extra at dinner to eat for my lunch the next day, and eating out less, so I was losing weight hand over fist. But most importantly: I got healthier and happier.

Although I would like to lose a little more weight I am so much happier with the way I feel and look, I will never go back to the unhealthy person I was. I used food as and emotional crutch and although I still love food a lot, I fight it every day, I can do so much more and that is worth it.

So I’d like to end on this, I technically started losing weight in February 2017 but I feel like I started a long, long time before that. I started when I began to accept and love myself and this was the hardest part.

Body confidence does not mean bring free from insecurities. Changing your mindset is the hardest and longest part. Take your time and learn to love yourself.

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