Make-up Monday

Is GLAMGLOW overrated?

Over the past year, yes year, I’ve been using Glamglow’s GRAVITYMUD firming treatment  to see if it helps with my pores and this is what I found out…

I first heard about Glamglow through the one and only Jeffree Star, I love his make up line so after multiple snapchats, insta stories and youtube videos where he was raving about it I decided it was worth a shot. Now of the bat I was expecting it to reduce the amount of spots or redness in my skin I was simply hoping that give some time it will tight reduces puffiness and make my pore smaller.

Glamglow GRAVITYMUD promises  to be “An Out of This World Innovative Peel Off Mask Treatment that instantly leaves skin feeling firmer and more lifted.” Now as far as I am aware it never claimed to be long lasting but I really wanted to put this to the test.

The peel of face make retails for £42.00, which is insane but I needed to know. So after a year of use I have decided it is a bit of a novelty. It is fun to take some selfies in and do with a few friends if you’re watching some back-to-back Buffy. But in the long term it really doesn’t do much. Though, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t promise that. However in the short term it works pretty good. I would say this worked the best for me when I was going on a big night out and wanted my make-up to be extra snatched so I did it before I applied my make-up and after a shower.

But was it worth the money? Well that is dependent on personal preference, I would buy it again but I like the novelty, it makes me feel really fancy. However you can almost definitely get a different peel off face mask that does exactly the same thing but at a dramatically lower cost. I think if you want to give it a go then it is worth it but if you have worse form of acne than I do it is worth looking into the ingredients to make sure it will not make it worse.

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