Make-up Monday

My first facial

Not long ago I treated myself and my Mum to a facial and afternoon tea on the Sunborn Yatch, it was a really nice and very expensive experience.

I have never had a facial professionally done before so I didn’t know what to expect and I wanted to know if it would help improve my skin. I know, I know, a one-time facial will not make any difference to my skin but I was hoping I would learn more about my skin and how to take care of it.

So, we got there and it was beautiful inside and made me feel very fancy. Both me and my Mum are not a massive fans of being touched so we were like “let’s not have a massage and just do the facial.” And, of course, when we got to the spa they asked us to remove our tops and bras as all facials start with a back and neck massage. We were in separate rooms and the women who were doing it were lovely.

They started off with the massage, to our horror, but once you got use to it it was quite relaxing. They had very strong hands and it kinda hurt, but in a good way. The facial aspect was also very relaxing. The first step was extractions, they then moved onto the cleansing. They washed and exfoliated our skin followed by an enzyme pill and warm cloth. They ended with a face massage with moisturiser, which was a lot softer.

The facials came up to about £80 each, which isn’t that bad. After the facials we went to afternoon tea, also on the yatch, which despite being english: I have never done before. It was delicious but my god was there too much sugar. The whole experience came up to roughly £250. And was it worth it? Yeah.

My Mum was happy and relaxed and both were firsts for her too. I know she would love to do it again and I am so happy it was something I could do with and for her.

As facials go it wasn’t that expensive and my skin issues weren’t all fixed but I think you could probably get the same, if not better, facial elsewhere. But for the all-round experience it’s worth forking out the little extra. I think it’s a nice bit of extravagance, once a year probably.

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