Make-up Monday

My week using affordable foundation

So ever since I started doing my makeup as an adult, and not as an awkward teen, I have always used middle to high end foundation. But I recently decided to start using more affordable foundation.

So, like I said, I was planning to to give L’Oréal more of a fighting chance and I also found a NYX foundation in the back of my make-up drawer that I kept meaning to try but never did.

To give them the best chance I could I used different primers, no primers, moisturizers, powders and setting sprays all in the name of science. However, my conclusion of each foundation is roughly the same.

These are the bases I used:

These are the powders I used:

This is the setting spray I used:

So after 10 days of playing with the foundations I think my final decision is: they don’t work for me or my skin type. The L’Oréal has more courage and is closer to my complexion but it creases a lot and doesn’t play well with the revolution setting powder. I think this might work better for people who have clearer skin than me, or less oily skin, but overall not a bad foundation for me. However if you want to try this foundation I recommend is using a finer or pressed powder and really pushing the product in your skin.

I really wanted to like the NYX foundation because I quite like some of their other products but I just couldn’t. It was way to shear and watery for me and the pigment just was not there. Tt took a lot of blending to get even coverage, and when you use a beauty blender like I do: eventually it soaks in a lot of the product. I think if you have dryer skin and only use foundation to help even out your complexion then this may work for you.

Overall I think for my skin issues I need to stick to middle to higher end foundation, and in my case that is currently Estee Lauder Double Wear.

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