Weight-loss Wednesday

Personal training 4 months on

It’s been 4 months – 4 whole months – of personal training. And I’ve learnt a lot.

I’ve learnt more about my body, different exercises, my strength and weakness. And it has been hard, and I have DOMs most days but I’m a lot stronger and I can now do an okay lunge.

I still hate working out but I like the feeling after. I like the fact I am doing something for me and only me.

So after 4 months of having a PT I have lost a lot and put on a bit but ultimately I feel better for it.

One of the issues I was having over the last 4 months I’ve been having is my visceral fat was increasing. Visceral fast should be between 77/100 and mine at it highest was 180.0. Which made my trainer worried and confused as my weight was going down but my visceral fat was going up and up.


So after some research we both came to the conclusion I need to reduce carbs and increase protein. Which for a fussy eater like me this was not easy, So, I went back to being pescatarian as I posted about in another blog post.


And it worked! For the first time in 4 months I decreased my visceral fat. I will one day go back to vegetarian but for now it is working.

I have learnt a lot and I am glad I started this journey, I have a long way to go still but I’ll never go back, only forward.

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