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About a month ago I wrote a blog post about getting a personal trainer and my thoughts on that. It has now been a month of personal training (PT), 5 sessions in total and it is fun but painful.

Off the bat, of course it works, I’ve learnt a lot in this time and I am super happy with my PT. She will push me without breaking me, plus she is very easy to talk to. When picking a PT it is very important to pick the right one for, it is like finding a therapist. Chances are you are going to get to know each other really quickly, that’s why you should always, always research. It took me about 3-4 months to find the right PT for me because surprisingly there are very few PTs who have had a dramatic weight loss transformation.

For me this was something that was an absolute necessity, I personally needed someone who could understand my eating dependancies and habits. So I found Casey Sugden who has been through a weight loss transformation her self and specialises in weight loss, Strength & Conditioning and Nutritional Advice.

So when I started PT we did a body compression analysis and flexibility test then worked out. The body analysis allowed her to see not only my overall weight but also the things you can’t see and my measurements.

This is very important to allow me to track the changes to my body and the thing like sodium intake that we need to keep an eye on or change. Below is my first body analysis, some of it is a little confusing but you can probably get the gist of it. My starting weight was 16st 9lb (107.9 kg or 237.8 lbs) and my water weight was also incredibly high, which I knew because I could feel and see it in my joints. So my goal was to reduce my salt intake and of course lose weight.



Over the next month I started working out about 5 days a week again and didn’t eat out as much but I didn’t focus on my diet as much as I should have and of course she could tell, sorry Casey I have depression, it happens. In this months analysis, attached below I lost weight and got my water weight down from 48.4 to 46.1, which is still very high but Rome wasn’t built in a day. As I mentioned I had lost some weight a total of 8 lbs (4kg) and my arms and legs have shrunk. Which my trainer was really happy about but she did notice my visceral fat had gone up, which she was very concerned about. Visceral fat is the fat surrounding your organs and is connected to things like diabetes and other health conditions that I am probably also predisposed to. So this was another goal I needed to add to my ever expanding list of goals, get down my BMI, water weight, and visceral fat.


I will do another blog post in a month but this feels like a mission and now we are going into the colder months it is a lot easier to cook now. And I know my PT would like me to measure everything I eat and stop eyeballing my ingredients but I am not sure I am ready to start getting that restrictive, however I understand why it would be useful. I might try meal prepping for a week and see how I get on.

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