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Personal training, my first session

Since starting this blog I have made a few posts about my weight loss and shopping for a size 18 but this post is about personal training. In the last 2 months I have been really struggling, I’ve been struggling with pushing myself, I’ve been struggling with nutrition, I’ve been struggling with weight loss, I’ve just been struggling.

So during this month I started watching transformation videos and researching a personal trainer. Picking the right personal trainer for you is like finding the right therapist: I knew it could cost a lot and I knew what it would do for me. So, I looked everywhere and these are the three places I was considering Full Figured Fitness, Third Space and KB Personal Training.

All were amazing for different reasons but I could only pick one. I went with Third Space. Now the reason I went for them is convenience and the accountability. I wanted to go somewhere that I would have to put in the effort because of how much it will cost. The thing with Third Space is that you must have a membership, which ranges from £96 to £185 a month, not including the extras on top of that.

So this gym is beautiful and all the people in there are just as beautiful and I have never felt so out of place. I had severe Gym intimidation. It was awful but I needed to do this. Now normally they match a PT to you but I was like “Nope, I’ve picked who I want” to which they replied with “We don’t do it that way” and I was still like “I reject that, I want Casey Sugden“. Now, I don’t know her and we have only had one session together but she was the only one in the Canary Wharf site that has personal experience with weight loss. I needed someone who would get me and understand my attachment to food.

I will always be plus size and that is fine by me, I think it is sexy but I am just too predisposed to bad health issues and I don’t want them. So I need to make a change.

In the first session we covered my goals and targets. We also did a body analysis followed by a flexibility and fitness test. And it was tough, really tough and my legs hurt for days after where I couldn’t even sit on a toilet with out my legs giving way underneath me. But I felt really good mentally, and I am beginning to feel that same motivation that I had when I first started in 2017. Now I have no plans of keeping the memebership for a really long time, maybe 3 to 6 months max, but despite the pain I think this will be fun…

But I will keep you all updated,  of course.

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