Make-up Monday

My everyday skin care routine

I just want to say: I am by no means a beauty therapist but I do try to take care of my skin as best as I can.

Your skin is your biggest organ and by not taking care of it you are risking early signs of aging and potential skin issues either now or later on. Most of you should already have a skin care routine but I would like to share mine anyways.

So, let me give you a little information on my skin and the issues I face. I have very oily and porous skin with mild Acne. I also have discoloration in my under-eye area and have been known to have flakey skin around my t-zone but I am very fortunate in not having too many issues with my skin.

So this is more of a side note but I always recommend changing your pillow case at least every other day. It is important to ensure the oils and sweat you leave on your pillow case do not go back into your skin.

I mostly only shower in the morning and every other day I use an organic scrub, the one I use is Venus Secrets face scrub, which has really helped to transform my skin. On the other days I just use some toner once I get out of the shower.

In the evening, the first thing I do is I use make-up wipes to get off my face make-up and then I use a make-up remover to take of my eye make-up and sometimes lipstick. Once that is off I wet my face with a warm cloth and further clean my face with my Clarisonic and Clinique liquid facial soap mild.

After I have done that I moisturize my skin with either Origins Drink Up overnight mask or Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I will also go in with an under-eye moisturizer, which tends to be Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream to help rehydrate my skin. But if I am honest I am not 100% sure if the under-eye cream is doing anything; but I do it anyway.

The last step that I do, sometimes, is go in with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, putting it on any of my problem areas.

Check out my drunk Instagram post showing you just how I did that.

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