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2019 has been a year full of changes for me and this blog is just me talking about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

The last post I made was a 4 months personal training update and off the bat, I no longer have a personal trainer. I’ll go further into detail in a later post but in short, I couldn’t afford it anymore and I am pretty happy with the knowledge that I have.

I also quit my job and started a new job in a new industry and with all that change I had to take a long break from blogging but I’m back and though I won’t be as regular I will still post.

But, let me go into more detail of all the changes in my life. In my post regarding my mental health and BDD (body dysmorphia disorder), I spoke about wanting to change my life and revamping my love for fashion and so I did.

In Jan 2019 I handing in my notice and started my 3-month notice (I know radiculous, right). I stopped caring about my job and honestly, I hated it. I loved my immediate team, they will forever be part of my life but the role in its self didn’t excite me any more. It was to do with the fact I had reached a point in the role where my development and training wasn’t being challenged anymore but also because I was working a second job.

My second job which is now my primary job is I am a fashion stylist at Stitch Fix. I have been doing this job since January and working two jobs at once I was burnt out. I was working 53 hours per week and trying to maintain some kind of workout routine and something had to give.

However, as of March 2019, I was only working as a stylist and as the only person who didn’t come from a fashion background I had to learn a lot. And so I did, I learnt and I grew, but working from home sounds nice but has its own challenges.

I got lazy, correction I am lazy and I been struggling with self-control and discipline. It is not easy staying productive when your hours are kinda all over the place, discipline is a skill I need to develop, for the sake of many aspects of my life.

So I thought by bringing back my blogging it would help with filling up my day. I have been thought so much change and I am still looking to go thought more as much of what I thought I wanted, I didn’t. I have learnt so much about myself and I look forward to documenting my continued growth and further discovering who I am.

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